MIT’s commitment to pedagogical innovation for the residential campus should extend to the world – to set the tone for a new generation of learners, teachers, and institutions.”

-- Institute-Wide Task Force on the Future of MIT Education, July 2014

The impact of MIT extends far beyond its campus, through research and innovation addressing the world's most daunting challenges — from the energy needs of tomorrow, to improving cancer therapies, and better understanding learning and teaching.

With advances in digital learning technologies, we have an unprecedented opportunity to impact learning worldwide. Our goal is to allow individuals everywhere access to knowledge, and to enable them to achieve self-advancement and fulfillment. The possibilities are enticing:  Can digital learning increase worker productivity and perhaps impact economic growth and quality of life?  Can this, in turn, enable more people to participate as informed citizens to drive democracy?

We leverage digital technologies to support:

  • Individual Learners: Through our MITx on edX and OCW offerings, MIT has touched millions of people worldwide, opening learning and providing new opportunities.

    • University-level: Most of our offerings are at the undergraduate and post-graduate level. These courses offer unprecedented access to fundamental concepts in a college-level curriculum and to advanced concepts, theories, and practices.

    • K-12: We offer to prepare more students for university-level STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) study. K-12 videos seek to excite younger students and ignite curiosity. AP(R) courses prepare high school students to succeed in college. (Please note that Advanced Placement and AP are registered trademarks of the College Board, which was not involved in the production of, and does not endorse, these offerings.)

  • Educators: 25% of learners taking MITx courses on edX and 8% of OCW visitors self-identify as educators. They report using our platforms to improve their courses and curricula. Through OCW Educator, MIT is providing resources to support teachers and materials that teachers can adapt and offer their students.

  • Universities and governments: We partner with universities and governments to design and develop new curricular programs, promote STEM literacy, and build workforce capacity.

  • Executives, professionals, and companies: We help companies and individuals to advance professional learning and help companies and individuals excel.

MITx on edX


Introductory Programming Courses

Millions have learned to program with OCW's introductory courses in Python, Java, MATLAB® and more.

Image Credit: 

Danilo Šćepanović, from 6.094 Introduction to MATLAB.

CMS.608 Game Design

Non-digital games are a basis for learning the design process and running team projects.


Philip Tan, Richard Eberhardt

OCW Educator

Go behind the scenes with MIT faculty. Learn how they teach.

Beyond Courses

The Physics of Invisibility Cloaks

It's not just movie magic - invisibility cloaks could be feasible, just by manipulating the crazy ways that light bounces, bends, and mixes! Prashanth and Maria take you behind the physics of light and how an invisible cloak could theoretically work.

The Science of Bouncing

Think all squash balls bounce the same? Think again! John and Bjorn--er--I mean, Aaron and Brad, look into what makes things bounce better than others. Ready for some physics? LET'S BOUNCE!

Engineering Engines

Ever wondered what horsepower really means, and what horses have to do with other modes of transportation? This MIT+K12 Video shows how engines work in machines all around us, including surprising ways that they're all related!