At MIT we initiate, cultivate, and attract funding for digital learning experiments and models. We develop and implement solutions with public and private entities, domestically and globally.

Strategic partnerships to transform AND GENERATE educational opportunity

The Strategic Education Initiatives (SEI) group supports partnerships between MIT and other universities, foundations and trusts, non-governmental organizations, and national governments in their efforts to advance and transform educational opportunity through digital learning. Some SEI projects span whole nations and hundreds of schools, helping to advance the field of digital learning and prepare students for the science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) workforce. SEI also partners with faculty to create new digital tools used in MITx courses on edX and in residential teaching.

Through these initiatives, MIT is furthering its mission to advance learning worldwide. Moreover, our work in other settings can lead to new pedagogy and curriculum design at MIT.

SEI offers a variety of solutions and products

  • Solutions that incorporate small private online classes (SPOCs),1 blended learning experiences for configuring and developing new programs and institutions, as well as capacity building

  • Projects to strengthen the teaching and learning of science, technology, engineering, and mathematical concepts at MIT and beyond through visualization tools and concept-based navigation of educational resources

  • Support for developing modular online courses

  • Design and development of new curricular programs

  • Prototype courses for online teacher education programs

  • K-12 teacher professional development and MITx/edX professional development for education technologists

  • Science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) workforce development

  • Building entrepreneurial capacity in nations through SPOCs and blended learning programs

  • Promoting STEM literacy and a love of learning through our K12 Videos program

For more information, visit SEI website.

1 SPOCs draw upon the specific features of MOOCs such as short videos, interactive automatic tutors and embedded assessments, as well as forums for deeper, engaging, and flexible learning experiences.