The Residential MITx platform is an online learning system, based on open edX, and used widely in undergraduate and graduate courses at MIT. It offers a platform for authoring and distributing online course content such as videos, text, assessments, interactive elements, and sophisticated automatic grading.

Residential MITx is strongly impacting on-campus teaching:

  • Between 50-85 on-campus courses use Residential MITx every semester.
  • There are 9,921 active enrollments by MIT students in these courses.
  • 99% of MIT undergraduates have used Residential MITx for coursework.

Residential Digital Innovations:

Visit our new Residential Digital Innovations page to see how MIT faculty and instructors are innovating with digital tools and pedagogies in their residential classes.

For MIT Faculty and Instructors:

We encourage and enable faculty to use Residential MITx for on-campus courses, via knowledge dissemination, training, and support. Self-author your course on MITx. 

Explore the list of active residential courses using the MITx platform. (MIT only; you will need an MIT certificate.)