MIT Bootcamps are blended learning programs that equip learners with a comprehensive toolkit to identify opportunities, build and lead a team, and create ventures.  Learners begin online, with MIT Bootcamp’s Innovation & Entrepreneurship MOOCs. Upon completing the online portion of the program, learners can apply for the in-person Bootcamp experience. 

During an intense, one-week in-person Bootcamp, entrepreneurs, family business owners, corporate innovators, career-changers, and educators from over 20 countries, come together to learn, collaborate, and practice innovation principles and frameworks– the same curriculum taught in innovation and entrepreneurship courses here at MIT.  Bootcampers receive feedback and high-touch coaching from MIT instructors and coaches on their ventures, teamwork, and leadership throughout the week.

Bootcampers leave equipped and ready to start their next venture.  When they face challenges building their venture, they have the tools and a network of 500+ other innovators to support them to get to the next step. Since the launch of Bootcamps in 2014, bootcampers have started over 100 ventures and raised more than $50 million.  Six bootcampers have been named to the Forbes 30 under 30. 

If you’re ready to take this next step, we want to hear from you – wherever you are, whatever you do.

Join our global MIT innovation community.  We are an inclusive meritocracy.

Below are the upcoming open-enrollment Bootcamps and MIT MOOCs . Please feel free to contact for more information about private and corporate programs.