If you are a member of the MIT faculty, the Office of Digital Learning (ODL) is your central resource for digital learning initiatives and online education. ODL is a community where faculty can collaborate and share digital learning experiences. We offer instructional and technical consultation and a wealth of tools and resources.

Professor David Pritchard and colleagues pointing to research

Why should you get involved with ODL?

MIT is at the forefront of an exciting movement in education, and our faculty are leading the way. As laid out by the Institute-Wide Task Force Report on the Future of MIT Education, and demonstrated by our foundational partnership with edX, digital learning is an Institute priority. Drawing together MIT’s decades of experience in teaching and learning, ODL can help you find your way in this new world by supporting you in initiatives, programs, or projects at MIT and beyond.

Digital learning can help improve residential teaching, open doors to new educational research ventures, and provide an avenue to share your work online with a worldwide audience. ODL can assist you in discovering the most appropriate pathway for getting started with digital learning, given your project goals, available time, and course content.

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