Enhance your teaching at MIT through publishing your course on the Residential MITx Platform, and incorporate some of the digital innovations and tools used by other MIT faculty into your classroom.

The Residential MITx platform is an online learning system, based on Open edX, and used widely in undergraduate and graduate courses at MIT. It offers a platform for authoring and distributing online course content such as videos, text, assessments, interactive elements, and sophisticated automatic grading.

Residential MITx is strongly impacting on-campus teaching:

  • Between 70-90 on-campus courses use Residential MITx every year.

  • There are 10,022 active enrollments by MIT students in these courses.

  • 99% of MIT undergraduates have used Residential MITx for coursework.

We encourage and enable faculty to use Residential MITx for on-campus courses, via knowledge dissemination, training, and support.