The Office of Digital Learning (ODL) and our MITx team guide faculty through everything needed to develop and teach on edX, including course marketing, course launch preparations, and best practices for online teaching, grading, and issuing edX certificates.

Marketing your course or module

EdX markets all of its courses or modules with powerful web, email, and social media communications that reach hundreds of thousands of learners in every country in the world. Our MITx team will show you how to supplement edX course marketing with your own targeted promotional efforts. We’ll also help you produce an engaging “About” page and trailer video for your course.

Download a PDF of the ODL Promotional Guide for MITx on edX Courses.
Watch some of our most innovative About videos.

Preparing for course launch

Once you’ve built your course or module and attracted registrants from all over the world, it’s time to get ready for launch. The MITx team will guide and support you through pre-launch activities, such as verifying platform settings, testing course content, training course staff, and welcoming students.

EdX course launch checklist

Preparing to teach and grade online

We guide faculty members through the details of teaching online, with specific training in:

  • Building community and student collaboration through the art of discussion forum moderation
  • Communicating effectively with students through bulk email
  • Online grading
  • Issuing edX certificates of achievement and completion

Learn more about Teaching on edX.


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