Academic Media Production Services (AMPS) is a group of video specialists within the Office of Digital Learning. AMPS directly serves faculty and staff across the Institute, and also integrates its services into MITx on edX, Residential MITx, and OCW projects.


Video is integral to most projects that faculty take on with the Office of Digital Learning (ODL). MITx on edX classes typically include video elements in a number of forms: video lectures, demonstrations, animation, simulations, and interviews. Residential MITx efforts often include a video component, and courses published on OCW also often use video.

Additionally, MIT faculty and staff often work with ODL’s Academic Media Production Services (AMPS) to produce discrete video projects independent of any larger digital learning effort. These projects range from lecture and event capture, to promotional videos and custom mini documentaries.

MIT offers video conferencing, Webex and video streaming services that may include integration of lecture slides and annotations as well as interactive webcasts. These services include use of specially-equipped classrooms designed to accommodate the audio and video requirements of video conferencing and remote collaboration. Also, distance education lectures are often digitally recorded and posted online for later viewing. These services are offered through the Distance Education team within ODL.

Creating video for an MITx course or publishing video on OCW

If you are a faculty member involved in creating an MITx on edX or Residential MITx course, or if you are publishing on OCW, MITx and OCW staff members will guide you through the course creation or publication process, including any video component.

MITx Video Team editing a video

If you’re interested in getting more information about working with video for your courses, please visit Instructional Support.

Creating custom video for other projects

MIT faculty or staff interested in creating a custom video project or filming a special event should contact AMPS directly. AMPS staff have expertise in an array of concentrations including video producing and directing, videography, event and lecture capture, post-production, and video publishing.

In addition to offering comprehensive video services, AMPS maintains and makes available a number of facilities across the Institute. These venues include auditoriums with built-in video capability, technology-enabled classrooms, and a custom video production studio.

Preparing to work with AMPS

AMPS staff members are skilled professionals who know how to leverage video to deliver messages to targeted audiences, including students, alumni, grant committees, or the world beyond MIT. Throughout the entire video-creation process—from initial inquiry and first consultation to project completion—AMPS shares its expertise with faculty and staff.

Interested in working with AMPS? Contact us to schedule a meeting or call us. Please be prepared to discuss your rationale for using video, communication objectives, target audiences, and budget.

For more information, or to schedule a consultation, contact us.

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