16.00x Introduction to Aerospace Engineering: Astronautics and Human Spaceflight

Out of this World

July 18
MIT's Jeff Hoffman — a former NASA astronaut — brings the science of space travel to online learners. Special thanks to Melanie Gonick and the MIT...
Sequence of four photos showing a large liquid drop formed by smaller droplets coming down in a stream.

Ten more OCW courses drop in June

July 1
Yesterday, June 30, marked the official end of OCW’s spring publication cycle. Since last week’s new courses post , we have added ten more courses...
Portrait photo of smiling author Toni Morrison.

Finding Ties That Bind

June 24
“I selected these particular readings because I wanted to provide students with a list that didn’t have a logical narrative,” Instructor Wyn Kelley...
Students walking in hallway to class

What to Do on Your Summer Vacation

June 16
The school year has wound down, and summer promises to be a time for recharging batteries and reflecting on how things might go better, or even be...