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The Campus: Designing Places for Inventing the Future

College campuses have long played a vital role in our society…as educators of future generations, incubators for innovation and economic development, and partners with the communities we serve. Leaders in campus design and educational innovation will share ideas on the past, present, and future, as well as MIT’s role as an innovative campus.

The symposium will feature 4 panels and 20 prominent presenters from academia, industry, and government, such as:

— Faculty from MIT, NYU, and Penn

— Susan Singer, National Science Foundation

— Anant Agarwal, CEO, edX

— Katie Stebbins, Assistant Secretary of Technology, Innovation and Entrepreneurship for the 
    Commonwealth of Massachusetts

— Architects and designers from New York, London, and Amsterdam

How to Register:
1- and 2-day registration is available. For more details and to register online, visit: