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Choe & Zaidan: Fostering the Next Bill Nye - How Hard Could It Be?

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There is an increasing popularity and power of the hosted video medium - what is the place of informal web series and shows in life-long learning and more formal educational experiences for both users and creators, and how can we capitalize on this format to engage and entertain in addition to educating? Elizabeth Choe and George Zaidan will attempt to answer this question through an analysis of the inaugural year of MIT+K12 Videos' original, student-written and hosted web series, Science Out Loud. Their presentation will trace the successes and failures of the program, the accompanying challenges associated with presenting science as a narrative (and teaching others to do so!), and lessons learned that could inform the way we think about equipping STEM-inclined students to become inspiring advocates for their fields.
To directly access the Science Out Loud videos and start watching, check out their YouTube playlist.