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Computer Science Education with a Cyber Specialization in Secondary Education


Presenter: Dr Avi Cohen

Dr Cohen will address the deep need of computer science and cyber education in K-12 and the impact this can have on society. He will share from his long time experience in this field in Israel.

Avi Cohen is the founding director of a national computer science program that has been taught in Israeli high schools for eighteen years. Through the program, students learn elements of software engineering including cyber security, and are instructed through a creative methodology reflective of Israel’s start-up culture.

Avi CohenDr. Cohen is responsible for the national curriculum, standards of teaching , authorizing the text books and improving teachers knowledge. Along the years Dr. Cohen established the Telecommunication technological rout and the Knowles Management – Cyber Informatics technological rout.

Prior to his work in the Ministry of Education, Dr. Cohen worked for more than fifteen years in Israeli high schools as both a principle and a teacher of computer science. He received his doctorate from the Department of Business and Management Studies at the Anglia Polytechnic University in the United Kingdom, where his research focused on “Distance Learning on the World Wide Web.” Dr. Cohen also has a Masters of Educational Administration and a B.Sc. in Technology Education & Electronic Engineering from Tel Aviv University.

Networking 11:30-11:45
Program 11:45-12:45

This event co-hosted with MISTI MIT-Israel and ODL's pK-12 Action Group.