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Jeremy Orloff & Jonathan Bloom - Flipping the Dice

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Flipping the Dice: An active-learning, technology-enhanced, up-to-date 18.05 (Intro to Probability & Statistics)
Dr. Jeremy Orloff is an instructor in the Math Department and Experimental Study Group at MIT. His main interests are in undergraduate education and teacher training. Together with Haynes Miller and Jonathan Bloom he is working to bring flipped, active learning classes to the Math Department. Dr. Jonathan Bloom is a Moore Instructor and NSF Post-doctoral fellow in the Mathematics Department at MIT where he does research on low-dimensional topology and geometry. He has taught a range of math courses at Harvard, Columbia, and MIT. In Spring 2013, Bloom and Orloff transformed 18.05 (Introduction to Probability and Statistics) into a flipped, active learning class in the TEAL classroom, using the MITx platform and a renovated curriculum. They are running a second iteration in Spring 2014. This event is hosted by the HHMI Biology Education Group
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