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John Belcher – 8.02x Online & 8.02 TEAL Residential: how each course can be used to improve the other

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Hosted by the HHMI MIT Education Group Seminar. Professor John Belcher of the Physics Department is Associate Chair of the MIT Faculty. He has been the Principal Investigator on an instrument on board Voyager 1, which is now in the interstellar medium, still returning data 36 years after its 1977 launch. He was one of the leaders of the effort to introduce active learning into the freshmen physics TEAL (Technology Enabled Active Learning) course. Last spring, he was the project leader of a Physics Department effort to put Professor Walter Lewin's spring 2002 MIT course 8.02 lectures online in an edX course, 8.02x. Professor Belcher will describe that effort and discuss the results in the context of their possible future impact on MIT residential education.