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Karina Meiri & Berri Jacque – The Great Diseases Partnership: teaching cutting-edge bio-med science in K-12

The Great Diseases Partnership: Addressing science and health literacy challenges by teaching cutting-edge biomedical science in the K-12 science classroom.Dr. Karina Meiri is Professor of Developmental, Molecular and Chemical Biology and Director of the Center for Translational Science Education (CTSE) at Tufts University School of Medicine. In addition to her interests in bringing cutting edge biomedical science into the high school classroom, she is a developmental neurobiologist. Dr. Berri Jacque is a Research Assistant Professor and Co-Director of the CTSE at Tufts University School of Medicine. He has a background in immunology and his primary interests are at the intersection of health and scientific literacy. Together Dr. Meiri and Dr. Jacque have developed a model for collaborative curriculum design and implementation using teachers and scientists. They have built a yearlong biology curriculum focused on The Great Diseases that teachers across the country are using to engage students in real-world science and to build their knowledge of health and disease.

This event is hosted by the HHMI Education Group.