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A Learning Design Pattern Language for Meaningful Learning Analytics

Nancy Law

There are rapid advances in recent years in the field of learning analytics—the use of big data analytics to shed light on students’ learning processes, outcomes, and the efficacies of the learning designs adopted. Despite the great expectations on these potential benefits, the application of learning analytics in actual educational contexts has primarily been confined to engineering courses. One major obstacle to realizing the potential benefits is the lack of a language and tools to connect learning analytics to learning design.

This talk presents work-in-progress in the development of Learning Design Studio (LDSHE), which is a tool to support learning design professionals (including teachers, tutors, and instructional designers) in the design and implementation of fully online and blended courses. LDSHE differs from learning design tools developed to-date in that it is underpinned by a systematic pattern language that (1) can capture the different levels of granularity and complexities in learning design; (2) embeds in the work process design supports based on robust learning theories, and (3) provide users with context-sensitive learning analytics questions in layman terms. In this talk, the pattern language and the LDSHE will be introduced through the example of a MOOC course on edX.

Nancy Law is a professor in the Faculty of Education at the University of Hong Kong and the Founding Director for the Centre for Information Technology in Education (CITE).