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Natalia Kucirkova – Innovating MOOCs Through Participation & Advanced Technology Solutions

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Presented by Dr. Natalia Kucirkova, of The Open University, United Kingdom. 

Much of the MOOC philosophy is based on The Open University's special approach to higher education, characterised by openness and innovation. In this presentation, Dr. Kucirkova will explore the ways in which MOOCs can attract more diverse student populations and deploy more advanced personalisation options. She will discuss ways in which students can use MOOCs to accumulate and collectively develop knowledge in order to bridge formal and informal learning. Strategies such as collaborative feedback and crowdsourcing the learning content may be a viable method to avoid hierarchical teaching and to meaningfully extend students’ learning over time. To learn more about Natalia's work, please visit: open.academia.edu/NataliaKucirkova.

THREE THINGS you missed if you missed Kucirkova's talk.