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Observing an Open Learning Process - A Knowledge Oriented Process

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Alain Mille of the French National Center for Scientific Research and France's Universite Numerique will speak about developing, instrumenting, and understanding MOOCs. His talk will focus on dynamic knowledge construction and modeled trace theory, and show its application to user assistance in MOOCs. He will also present TraceMe, an open tool for trace-based applications. Dynamic knowledge construction is a reflexive process ensuring that learners better appropriate their own traces. Indeed, personal activity traces become digital objects that can be reused and shared, providing the existence of a sharing policy defined by the owner of the trace. The talk will end with insights on the generalization of our approach to the questions of developmental learning and radical interactionism in artificial agents. A research MOOC on that topic is now opening! For additional information, please refer to a more in-depth description of the talk, with citations.