MIT Office of Open Learning announces Across Boundaries Conference Co-sponsored with the LearnLaunch Institute

MIT co-hosts Across Boundaries Convention
January 24, 2018
MIT Open Learning

The MIT Office of Open Learning announces that it is the co-host, along with LearnLaunch Institute, for the upcoming Across Boundaries Conference, to be held on February 1-2, 2018 at the Hynes Convention Center in Boston. With a theme of “Accelerating Learning for All,” the conference will bring together professionals from across the edtech sector to discuss critical challenges facing the effort to move education practice forward, to play with cutting-edge products, and to learn from leaders in the field. The Abdul Latif Jameel World Education Lab (J-WEL), a recent initiative located within the Office of Open Learning, is also a host.

MIT Professor of Mechanical Engineering and Vice President for Open Learning Sanjay Sarma will be one of six keynote speakers. His presentation, entitled “How Should you be Using Learning Science Today?” will address how cognitive science is uncovering better ways to learn and how educators and entrepreneurs can incorporate these strategies into instruction and software. 

He is joined by other keynote speakers, including:

  • Tony Miller, co-founder of Vistria and former U.S. deputy undersecretary of education.
  • Devin Vodicka and Tom Rooney, transformational superintendents from California.  Vodicka is now Chief Impact Officer of altSchool.
  • Manoush Zomorodi, tech podcaster and author of “Bored and Brilliant.”
  • Gloria Cordes Larson, president of Bentley University and author of “PreparedU.”

Other MIT speakers at the conference include:

  • Christian Catalani, professor of technological innovation, entrepreneurship and strategic management, will speak on “Disruptors? Blockchain and Education Credentialing.”
  • Nina Hunterman, director of education and research at edX, will speak on “Credentials: What is Really Happening?”
  • Justin Reich, assistant professor in comparative media studies and director at MIT Teaching Systems Lab, will speak on “Developing the Teachers and Leaders Needed to Change K-12 Education.”
  • George Westerman, of the MIT Sloan Initiative on the Digital Economy and faculty director of J-WEL’s Workplace Learning Collaborative, will speak on “Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Come to Education.”
  • Paul Crockett, AMGEN professor of biology at MIT and CEO of Authess, an AI company co-founded by MIT’s Chris Kaiser, will present on “AI and Machine Learning Come to Education.”

Hot topics include sessions on augmented and virtual reality, AI and machine learning assessment, and blockchain in education. Edtech CEOs will opine on the future of edtech, now that most students have access to computing devices. Leading investors will address the role of Asian capital and social impact investing. An international cafe will host delegations of startups from Israel, Canada, and the Netherlands. Many sessions will focus on the changing nature of work and how to “Accelerate Learning for All.”