Courses from MIT’s 2015 MacVicar Fellows

Four MacVicar Fellows from 2015
March 13
Joe Pickett

Professors Arthur Bahr (Literature), Catherine Drennan (Chemistry/Biology), Hazel Sive (Biology), and Lorna Gibson (Materials Science and Engineering/Civil and Environmental Engineering/Mechanical Engineering) have just been named as MIT’s 2015 MacVicar Fellows.

The MacVicar Faculty Fellows Program honors MIT’s best teachers and mentors, who have made outstanding contributions to undergraduate education. Over 90 MacVicar Faculty Fellows have been selected on the basis of merit through an annual nomination process beginning in 1992.

MIT's OpenCourseWare (OCW) is honored to share courses from each of this year’s Fellows.

Arthur Bahr

Catherine Drennan

Lorna Gibson

Hazel Sive