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French, Segado, Huttner-Loan, and Bloomfield: Tools for Digital Learning

Learners and Technology (www.jisc.ac.uk/rd/projects/learner-experiences-of-technology)

With Digital Learning Scientists & Fellows
Jennifer French, Martin Segado, Elizabeth Huttner-Loan, and Jolyon Bloomfield


Jennifer FrenchMartin SegadoSketch input & grading in MOOCs
The ability to sketch graphs or diagrams is an important skill in many STEM fields, but these skills are typically taught using paper-based assessments that are hard to scale and do not offer immediate feedback. Jennifer French and Martin Segado will present a web-based sketch input and automated grading tool for offering such assessments within digital course content and discuss some preliminary results from its use in an introductory MITx calculus MOOC.

Elizabeth Huttner-Loan Reflecting on Peer Responses in EdTechX MOOCs
Elizabeth Huttner-Loan will discuss her work fostering the use of course forums as a feedback tool. She'll also reflect on the journey to their current forums system and protocol, as well as her experience promoting participant work groups.

Jolyon BloomfieldClicking the Pieces Together
If you could support your classroom with devices and software doing your bidding, what applications would there be? Given the ubiquity of computing power and handheld devices, surely your ideas are possible – if only you had the infrastructure to build upon. Jolyon Bloomfield will demonstrate how technology is finally clicking together in the physics classroom.

Huttner-Loan's slides.
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