Fall is loaded with MITx courses – Get a sneak peek!

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July 14
Lisa Eichel

This fall is gearing up to be one of the best ever at MITx on edX. As the summer passes, we’re hard at work on the MIT campus, preparing new offerings for our learners.  Here’s a taste of what’s coming up in late August and early September.

Awareness-Based Systems Change with u.lab - How to Sense and Actualize the Future (15.671.0x) - August 15th, self-paced
u.lab’s original course, Leading from the Emerging Future, has been a worldwide phenomenon, with groups of participants around the globe creating hubs with the goal of creating social change. This brief new self-paced module is designed to introduce you to the theories behind u.lab and to prepare you for the full 8-week course that will occur in early September.

Introduction to Philosophy: God, Knowledge, and Consciousness (24.00x)August 29th
24.00x was one of the first MITx MOOCs and after a few years offline, its back. As the title implies, this course looks at big questions – is there a God? Do we have free will? What is knowledge? With learners from a variety of backgrounds, you’ll be encouraged to engage in spirited debate and discussion with your colleagues. New for this offering, 24.00x will feature instructor grading for learners who sign up for the verified certificate track. Doing so will give you the opportunity to interact with professional philosophers, just as you would in a traditional course.

Introduction to Computer Science and Programming Using Python (6.00.1x) – updated to Python 3.5August 30th
One of our most popular and successful courses, 6.00.1x has been updated to teach Python 3.5 (previously 2.9).  Already took this course?  Sign up again and refresh your knowledge. It’s a great starting point for anyone ready to learn programming.

Beyond this list, fall includes MOOCs on subjects like supply chain management, spaceflight, business analytics, chemistry, physics, and architecture. Our full list of upcoming and archived courses is available at any time at https://www.edx.org/school/mitx.