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The xTalks series provides a forum to facilitate awareness, deep understanding and transference of educational innovations at MIT and elsewhere. We hope to foster a community of educators, researchers, and technologists engaged in developing and supporting effective learning experiences through online learning environments and other digital technologies. To sign up for the xTalks mailing list, click here.

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Making Meaningful Media: The Impact of MIT+K12 Videos

K-12 videos

What started as a library of 54 MIT student-produced educational YouTube videos has grown into a world-wide audience who has watched MIT+K12 videos over 5 million times, over 300 Boston-area middle school science media workshop participants, and over 140 MIT students who have learned to communicate their passion for STEM with others through our original web series, courses, and local outreach events. As the MIT+K12 Videos Program comes to a close, learn more from Elizabeth Choe about what the program has accomplished over the past six years, who has been impacted, and how MIT+K12 can inform future efforts around video, learning, outreach, and helping MIT inspire audiences in the broader global community.


MIT alumna Elizabeth Choe is Program manager for PK-12 Videos



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