MIT Bootcamps E-Seminar, Key Lessons from Scaling Companies

MIT students outside dome
August 16, 2019 12:30pm
MIT Community

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About this E-Seminar: 

In this E-Seminar, Chris Yeh, co-founder of Global Scaling Academy, and co-author with Reid Hoffman of Blitzscaling, will provide additional context and color to participants around what it means to Blitzscale by illustrating examples of the business models, strategies, and management techniques that have been employed by companies that have successfully scaled from startup to massively-valuable global companies in a matter of years, through a series of case studies. The session will end with Q&A devoted to allowing participants to begin to dive deeper into how to apply the techniques of Blitzscaling to their ventures.

As preparation for this E-Seminar, participants are encouraged to listen to the following episodes of the Masters of Scale podcast, hosted by Reid Hoffman, and to come prepared with questions of their own about how to apply the techniques of Blitzscaling discussed in these episodes, or others, to their businesses