Activating Computational Thinking on MITx Using Wolfram Technologies

  • Office of Digital Learning


Kyle Keane

Digital Innovations & Tools: 

  • Active Learning
  • Simulations & Visualizations

A newly-developed framework combines MITx and Wolfram technologies to let faculty and instructors add creative and contextual computational educational components into their online and residential classes. For example, students upload data they collect from measurements on a field trip; the uploaded data is then automatically graded within some tolerance. An app lets students record and annotate images that they submit for credit; the images are then automatically compiled and deployed onto an interactive map. A framework that auto-grades code submitted in response to the open-ended coding and visualizations challenges students who then get their solutions to the problems.

In the above video Dr Kyle Keane brielfy describes the powerful combination of MITx's delivery power wiht the creative power of Wolfram Language, including components such as Mathematica and other related tools and modules. Keane also includes resources for more information.

To learn more, watch the video of the entire xTalk.