The mission of Open Learning is to transform teaching and learning at MIT and around the globe through the innovative use of digital technologies.

the future of education

In the Office of Open Learning we envision a future in which the magic of MIT not only extends beyond the boundaries of our campus, but also creates opportunities to harness the knowledge of a global community to address the world’s great challenges. It is a future where MIT students are empowered to make meaningful and lasting contributions to the world.” Institute-Wide Task Force Report on the Future of MIT Education, July 2014

Bold pedagogical leadership

MIT has a long history of pedagogical boldness balanced with deep introspection, dating from its earliest educational innovation: the merger of lofty intellect with hands-on experimentation. Today, we extend this mens et manus (mind and hand) approach to digital learning, uniquely combining digital tools with individualized teaching, research-driven methodology, an ethos for open sharing, and the in-person magic of MIT — for students at MIT, and for learners around the world.

Empowering innovation

Innovation and initiative are fundamental to MIT and how MIT impacts all walks of life, through technologies developed at the Institute, and through the people who learn, work, and train here. Open Learning catalyzes and amplifies MIT's innovations and initiatives in digital learning. We:

  • Support MIT faculty and students in bold experiments to enhance our residential education and provide resources for those who are interested in exploring how they might do so.
  • Facilitate research on how people learn and on new technologies that might improve understanding, retention and application.
  • Provide platforms for technological advances in digital education.
  • Partner with companies, universities, governments and organizations that wish to develop new learning capabilities and enhance the competencies of their workforce, students and citizens.
  • Extend MIT's knowledge and classrooms to the world.

Our values


We are committed to our collective mission first and foremost. We align our work, priorities and strategies with those of the Institute. We steward our collective resources, and leverage our capabilities and capacities for the greatest impact.


We support and nourish ideas that work, whatever their source or popularity.  We treat one another with respect, directness and trust. We share credit, generously believing that when the spirit of collaboration trumps  individual ego, we all win.


We believe in openness, collaboration and transparency as more powerful, and more fun. We prefer and promote open software and technology, and open sharing of information.


We support our team. We listen and respond to one another and to others at MIT and beyond. We value diversity, humility and service to others. We take our work very seriously, but ourselves, not so much.


We value creativity and initiative, remaining proactive. We strive to be flexible, nimble, and to continually improve. We accept risk and the potential for failure as essential to experimentation and learning.


We strive for excellence, pursuing new ideas, and basing our plans on the best evidence available. We believe in honest, systematic and thorough evaluation.

Help us help you

We are academics, software engineers, videographers, learning designers, creative media producers, technologists, digital learning scientists, publishers, intellectual property experts, and business-people. We share a passion for the future of learning. We share a mission for transformative change in education. We share a desire to harness the potential of new technology to revolutionize learning at MIT and around the globe.

We invite MIT faculty, students and staff, partner organizations, learners and educators worldwide to consider the possibilities that emerging digital learning technologies create.  Come to us with ideas, with suggestions, with questions, with curiosity, with ambition, and with dreams. We look forward to working together to build a better future.

Our objective is to offer digital learning technologies that strengthen MIT’s on-campus education, while extending MIT’s educational impact to the world. These technologies are already impacting and enhancing the learning experience for MIT students. With blended-learning techniques that combine online resources with in-person learning, problem-solving, and maker activities, faculty are magnifying the effectiveness of their teaching. At the same time, online learners are gaining access to some of the “magic” of MIT.

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