The mission of Open Learning is to transform teaching and learning at MIT and around the globe through the innovative use of digital technologies.



We are committed to our collective mission first and foremost. We align our work, priorities, and strategies with those of the Institute. We steward our collective resources, and leverage our capabilities and capacities for the greatest impact.



We support and nourish ideas that work, whatever their source or popularity. We treat one another with respect, directness, and trust. We share credit, generously believing that when the spirit of collaboration trumps individual ego, we all win.



We believe in openness, collaboration, and transparency as more powerful, and more fun. We prefer and promote open software and technology, and open sharing of information.



We support our team. We listen and respond to one another and to others at MIT and beyond. We value diversity, humility, and service to others. We take our work very seriously, but ourselves, not so much.



We value creativity and initiative, remaining proactive. We strive to be flexible, nimble, and to continually improve. We accept risk and the potential for failure as essential to experimentation and learning.



We strive for excellence, pursuing new ideas and basing our plans on the best evidence available. We believe in honest, systematic, and thorough evaluation.