The MIT Refugee Action Hub (ReACT) is a program whose mission is to identify, convene, and cultivate ideas, solutions and research about best practices that enable education, livelihoods and prosperity of refugee and forcibly displaced communities learners and communities worldwide.

Since 2017 ReACT offers its Certificate in Computer and Data Science (CDS) program, accessible, free of cost, education pathways offered to refugee learners wherever they live navigating ReACT’s core pillars: academic development, human skills development, employment pathways and network building. 

Not only does ReACT open education pathways, but also works on research and advocacy cultivating new spaces of collaboration and risk taking to address systems change in the field of refugee education. 

In 2023, building from its proven model, MIT ReACT is broadening its reach, with the launch of Nurturing Emerging Talent (NET), aiming to scale educational programs designed to provide transformative academic and career development opportunities to learners from vulnerable, underrepresented or historically marginalized communities worldwide. MIT NET’s global online program will continue to offer the Certificate Program in Computer and Data Science while integrating MIT ReACT with new communities of talented learners.