AI for security and security for AI — we need what now?

Graphic with headshot photo Bartley Richardson and a photo of a person's hand holding a locked phone in front of an open laptop.
June 13, 2024 12:00pm
MIT Community

In November 2022, the world was introduced en masse to generative AI via ChatGPT. Generative AI ushers in a transformative era for users, workers, and enterprises, and this increased interest in AI has company’s searching for how to use it efficiently and effectively. Cybersecurity companies have been quick to jump on this as a capability that can be used to secure their customers and provide new, groundbreaking capabilities. With all the energy behind using AI for everything, what security concerns emerge and what existing security concerns need to be revisited? In this session, Bartley Richardson will explore both of these questions — diving into how users and enterprises should think about security for AI (and maybe even use AI in the process).

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