Celebrate OCW’s 20th Anniversary

Text: "OCW turns 20" with party hat and decorations
April 07, 2021 12:00pm

This public live-streamed celebration will feature stories of OCW’s impact around the world and plans for the future of open sharing.

Speakers include:

		Celebrate OCW’s 20th anniversary image

		Celebrate OCW’s 20th anniversary image

We’re grateful to share this exciting moment in our history with you!

Before the event, we welcome you to:

  • Sign our virtual birthday card — share your message to OCW and read messages from the community.
  • Tell us your story — Call +1-617-715-2517 to leave a voicemail telling us how you’ve used OCW to change your life or those of others in your schools and/and communities. We’ll share some of your most inspiring messages on a special episode of our Chalk Radio podcast. Or, complete this quick survey to share your experience with us.
  • Test NextGen OCW — Sign up to receive the latest on NextGen OCW and hear about future opportunities to help beta test the new platform.
  • Support our future — If you’re in a position to donate, make a gift in honor of 20 years of OCW.

Webcast Link: http://web.mit.edu/webcast/ocw/1320/