Deep in Conversation: MIT Book Talk

author yossi sheffi and book tile
October 26, 2020 12:00pm
MIT Community

Professor Sheffi discusses his new book, The New (Ab)Normal: Reshaping Business and Supply Chain Strategy Beyond Covid-19

Much has been written about Covid-19 victims, how scientists raced to understand and treat the disease, and how governments did (or did not) protect their citizens. Less has been written about the pandemic’s impact on the global economy and how companies and entrepreneurs coped as the competitive environment was upended.

In The New (Ab)Normal, Professor Sheffi studies how businesses grappled with the chaos of the pandemic. He explores what individuals and enterprises are likely to do to survive and thrive after the pandemic subsides. Engage with Professor Sheffi, who is also a professor of the MicroMasters Program in Supply Chain Management, through live Q&A and audience polls.

MIT students and affiliates will be offered a discount for the book at the end of the talk.

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