Fireside Chat: What Will Meeting Our Climate Goals Look Like?

Field with 6 wind turbines. Photo by Zbynek Burival on Unsplash.
September 15, 2021 2:00pm

As the world seeks to limit carbon emissions to stabilize a changing climate, many are unsure how to best balance the urgency of the climate crisis against the feasibility, disruption, and cost of rapidly decarbonizing our energy system. Michael O’Boyle, director of electricity policy at Energy Innovation: Policy and Technology, will join us to discuss the opportunities and challenges of rapidly decarbonizing the U.S. electricity system, which contributes about a quarter of all U.S. greenhouse gas emissions. He will cover cost trends, job growth, and investment opportunities so that viewers can understand how new policies will shape the future of renewables. After the talk, Michael will take questions from the audience.