Lever for Change: Open Grantmaking at Scale

Jeff Ubois, MIT Faculty
April 23, 2019 3:00pm
MIT Campus
MIT Community

Jeff Ubois, of Lever for Change, will discuss the use of open and transparent processes for grantmaking; tradeoffs between innovation, risk, and scale; re-use of grant proposal data; and new forms of funder collaboration.

Jeff Ubois is vice president, knowledge management at Lever for Change, a John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation affiliate that manages the Foundation’s 100&Change program, as well as other large open calls for proposals requiring $10 million or more. Previously, Jeff worked in the MacArthur Foundation’s Discovery, American Democracy, and Philanthropy programs, for the Bassetti Foundation’s program on responsible innovation, for Intelligent Television, and for the Internet Archive. 

This xTalk is offered in partnership with the MIT Knowledge Futures Group. A joint initiative of the MIT Press and the MIT Media Lab, KFG's mission is to transform research publishing from a closed, sequential process, into an open, community-driven one, by incubating and deploying open source technologies to support both rapid, open dissemination and a shared ecosystem for information review, provenance, and verification. 

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