Online Polling & Concept Questions Support Remote Student Engagement

Office of Digital Learning
Edward Crawley
Bryan Moser
Bruce Cameron
Olivier de Weck
Digital Innovations & Tools
Blended Learning & Flipped Classroom

MIT professors Bryan Moser, Edward Crawley, Olivier de Weck, and Bruce Cameron teach a course held simultaneously on campus as well as off campus across the globe. In order to promote engagement and participation for the remote students, online questions and polling are used throughout class. There is the danger for remote students to adopt a passive, consuming role. To combat this, concept questions and polling questions are introduced during class at 20-60 minute intervals. Remote students are not only invited to participate, they're expected to. During class a TA monitors online activity to keep the professor updated. 

Winners of the 2017 Teaching With Digital Technology Award, these professors discuss their teaching innovations in this video.