Remote Teaching: playfulness & formative assessment in language classes

Global Languages (Course 21G)
Isadora Nichols
Digital Innovations & Tools
Remote Teaching

MIT language instructor Dr. Isadora Nicholas made it her first priority to look after her students’ emotional security when her French 1 class, 21G.301, transitioned to remote teaching.

In this new and unfamiliar environment, Nicholas designed learning a second language like French to be a welcome diversion from student stress. This was especially important during the unsettled time that the MIT campus closed down and all classes were taught remotely.

Dr. Nicholas used play and playfulness in her remote classroom: she engaged students with enjoyable online games, as well as quick formative assessment tools like Kahoot and Quizlet which were both effective and fun.

“[Nicholas made] class exciting and engaging even though we were virtual... with online games like clothing vocabulary bingo and conjugation battleship.” - student in 21G.301

Her students handled the transition to remote thoughtfully and with a sustained commitment to learning. By responding with good humor and fully participating in the class, Dr Nicholas and her students were able to overcome distance and physical separation.

"She made learning and practicing French into a game for us, and always... engaged with our class." - student in 21G.301


Learn more about Dr Nicholas’ teaching in this video.
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