Sharing Content in Dynamics & Control

Mechanical Engineering (Course 2)
Alberto Rodriguez
Digital Innovations & Tools
Flexible Course Delivery

In his residential class 2.003, Mechanical Engineering Professor Alberto Rodriguez uses the MITx platform for announcements, problem sets, and supplemental reading.  Students are familiar with MITx inputs and format, and they like the instant feedback that online problem sets offer.

In addition to using the MITx platform for his students, Rodriguez finds the platform a useful resource for fellow instructors teaching the same course. 

Educational Challenge

Problem: How to share content and resources among faculty who teach the same course?

Solution: Rodriguez and his colleagues are building a collection of problems and resources that are shared among their instructor cohort. The content in the collection can be continually added to and reused.  With each year, the repository becomes richer and more valuable. It also saves time for new instructors and TAs who can draw on the work of previous faculty, making it possible to spend more time interacting with students in lectures, recitations, and office hours.

Key Take-Away

MITx serves as a useful repository for faculty for storing and reusing content.

If you are interested in using the concepts from this case study in your teaching, please contact MITx Residential to speak with a consultant.