The Office of Digital Learning MITx Grant Program occurs twice annually. Proposals are reviewed and discussed by the MITx Faculty Advisory Committee (FAC), and selected based on each cycle's specified criteria and available funding. Selected projects are listed below by grant cycle.

NEW PROJECTS - June 2017

Lean Research Skills: Conducting Interviews in Community Settings
Submitted by Professor Daniel Frey, Mechanical Engineering

Photonic Integrated Circuit Design and Test
Submitted by Professor Lionel Kimerling, Materials Science and Engineering

The History of Earth’s Environment
Submitted by Assistant Professor Kristin Bergmann, Earth, Atmospheric and Planetary Sciences

Civic Data Ambassadors
Submitted by Professor of the Practice Ethan Zuckerman, Media Arts and Sciences

Visualizing the Birth of Modern Tokyo
Submitted by Professor Shigeru Miyagawa, Global Studies and Languages

PROJECTS - February 2017

On-line Resources for Computational Thinking Emphasizing Modelling (2.086x)
Submitted by Professor Daniel Frey, Mechanical Engineering

Microstructural Evolution in Materials (3.022x)
Submitted by Professor Juejun Hu and Digital Learning Scientist Jessica Sandland, Materials Science and Engineering

Electronic, Optical, and Magnetic Properties of Materials (3.024x)
Submitted by Professor Polina Anikeeva and Digital Learning Scientist Jessica Sandland, Materials Science and Engineering

Introduction to Classical Mechanics (8.01x)
Submitted by Professor Deepto Chakrabarty and Digital Learning Scientist Saif Rayyan, Physics

Engineering the Space Shuttle (16.885x)
Submitted by Professor Jeffrey Hoffman, Aeronautics and Astronautics

World Music: Global Rhythms (21M.030x)
Submitted by Professor Evan Ziporyn, Music and Theater Arts

Nuclear Energy: Science, Systems and Society (22.011x)
Submitted by Professor Anne White, Nuclear Science and Engineering

PROJECTS - March 2016

Fundamentals of Materials Science and Engineering (3.012x)
Submitted by Professor Silvija Gradečak and Digital Learning Scientist Jessica Sandland, Materials Science & Engineering

Foundations of Information Policy (6.805x)
submitted by Professor Hal Abelson, Principal Research Scientist Daniel Weitzner (CSAIL), and Professor Michael Fischer (Anthropology), Electrical Engineering & Computer Science

Molecular Biology (7.28.3x)
submitted by 
Professors Tania Baker and Steve Bell and Digital Learning Scientist Mary Ellen Wiltrout, Biology

Atomic and Optical Physics II (8.422x)
submitted by Professor Wolfgang Ketterle and Digital Learning Scientist Saif Rayyan, Physics

Quantum Mechanics (8.04x)
submitted by Professor Barton Zwiebach and Digital Learning Scientist Saif Rayyan, Physics

Contemporary African Democracy (17.571x)
submitted by
 Professor Evan Lieberman, Political Science

Linear Differential Equations (18.03x)
submitted by Professor David Jerison and Digital Learning Scientist Jennifer French, Math

Visualizing the Philippines (VPx)
submitted by Professor Christopher Capozzola, History

PROJECTS - July 2015

Thermodynamics (2.05)
submitted by Professor Cullen Buie, Mechanical Engineering

Introduction to Classical Mechanics (8.01)
submitted by Professor Deepto Chakrabarty, Physics

Introduction to Electricity and Magnetism (8.02)
submitted by Professor Robert Redwine, Physics

Mastering Quantum Mechanics (8.05)
submitted by Professor Barton Zwiebach, Physics

Optimization Methods (15.053)
submitted by Professor James Orlin, Sloan School of Management

Feedback Control Systems
submitted by Professor Karen Willcox, Aeronautics & Astronautics and Professor Jacob White, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

Global Shakespeare
submitted by Professor Diana Henderson, Literature

Engineering Communications
submitted by Senior Lecturer Suzanne Lane, Comparative Media Studies and Writing


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