OCW Educator Project Manager Sarah Hansen celebrates the publication of the 100th “This Course at MIT” page.

100 Reasons to Be Thankful

May 20
OCW reached a new milestone last month with the publication of its 100th This Course at MIT page. The staff marked the occasion with 100 cupcakes (...

Calculus for the Aspiring Mind

May 15
Two MIT mathematics professors have designed a new online series of short introductory calculus courses for high school students and recent graduates...

Trying to understand injustice

April 30
On April 19th, Freddie Gray died after suffering an acute spinal injury while he had been in police custody. The details are still unknown about what...
A model of an elephant’s skull made with a 3-D printer

Solid, Cellular, and Surrounding Us

April 22
Pop quiz! What does a polystyrene coffee cup have in common with a slice of bread? How is a woodpecker skull like an iris leaf? How is a porcupine...