CLIx Uses Technology to Boost Secondary Education in India

online learning & collaborative learning
September 12

CLIx, created by MIT, Tata Trust, and TISS, is a new initiative that introduces technology to the classroom. The goal is to pique the students’ curiosity by creating fun, relatable, and hands-on lessons that will help prepare students to face 21st century challenges.

Anusha Ramanathan, a member of the CLIx English Team shares, “The lack of quality education for children motivated us to find ways in which we could provide opportunities to children through meaningful integration of technology.” 

This project looks to change both the teaching and learning method in high schools in India; most schools focus on the skills it takes to succeed on exams and standardized tests. The CLIx project believes students should participate in real life situations that will prepare them for success in the real world.

With the power of technology, CLIx opens the door to a new kind of learning experience – one that promotes collaboration, fun and real life lessons.

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