MIT Jameel World Education Lab welcomes Wadah Foundation as newest member

MIT Jameel World Education Lab

Wadah Foundation, a distinguished nonprofit organization in Indonesia, is the newest Jameel World Education Lab (J-WEL) member at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). This announcement coincides with Wadah celebrating its sixteenth anniversary, marking a pivotal moment in advancing educational innovation and fostering positive global change.

About Wadah Foundation:

Wadah Titian Harapan Foundation (Wadah) is an internationally recognized non-profit organization based in Jakarta, Indonesia. Derived from the Indonesian words for 'Women' and 'Hope,' Wadah symbolizes a place of family and community. As a facilitator, Wadah provides access to formal, non-formal, and informal education, impacting approximately 200,000 individuals, including children, youth, and adults, through education, health, and economic development programs. Currently serving 38 communities across seven provinces, Wadah is dedicated to building towards future generations that are more resilient, more empowered, and more dignified.

Wadah has also broadened its reach internationally with sister organizations registered in the Philippines, Malaysia, and India. In 2016 Wadah was granted Special Consultative Status by the United Nations Economic and Social Council.  

About Jameel World Education Lab:

As part of MIT Open Learning, the Jameel World Education Lab serves as MIT's collaborative hub for educational innovators, facilitating global exploration of new ideas and insights. Member organizations benefit from the Lab's curated ideas, customized workshops, and international connections with like-minded educators, enabling them to serve learners better in their respective settings.

Joining Jameel World Education Lab for Collective Impact:

Wadah will collaborate with Jameel World Education Lab by networking with peer members to define global perspectives on working with underserved/marginalized communities. Moreover, Wadah aims to share best practices gained from its extensive experience in education delivery within marginalized communities.

"Becoming a collaborative partner to like-minded organizations in J-WEL, which are committed to sharing their best, outcome-based practices are sure to help us educate and empower more people, more efficiently," says Anie Djojohadikusumo, president of the Wadah Foundation. "We are elated about this prestigious opportunity to partner with others in the spirit of our motto: "We grow to serve and we serve so that others may grow together with us."

"We are thrilled to have Wadah join the Jameel World Education Lab as a member, particularly given their expertise, both in designing an ecosystem for educational support and in delivery," says Julia Reynolds-Cuéllar, associate director for membership at the Jameel World Education Lab. "Their rich perspective will significantly enhance our work and discussions within J-WEL."

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