News from Residential Education at ODL: Vol. 1, Issue 1, February 2017.

Welcome to our inaugural issue!
We're excited to share innovations, compelling stories of instructional transformation, and current data on usage, adoption, and demographics. We'll keep you up-to-date on groundbreaking work faculty are doing to transform teaching through digital initiatives, as well as highlight leaders in the field who are challenging the way we think about learning.

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Transformative Teaching

Wolfgang Ketterle's flipped classroom promoted deeper and more spontaneous in-class discussions:

"Using online material in [my] residential course was transformative for me as a teacher".  
     - Professor Ketterle

video | text summary



Residential MITx by the numbers:

  Spring 2017 numbers coming in next issue of this newsletter.



16% of MIT's large enrollment classes (>100 students) have used Residential MITx. 
The following chart shows the fraction of large-enrollment classes that utilize the Residential MITx platform, in comparison to all large courses in a department:




Highlights from the Festival of Learning

Teaching Lightning Round:

  • Lorna Gibson has flipped her classroom and strategically combined written p-sets with MITx’s instantaneous feedback p-sets in order to achieve maximum learning. Watch video.
  • Michael Cuthbert's online platform for teaching music theory allows students to hear the notes as they learn intervals and chords, and reveals data about student comprehension. Watch video.
  • Dennis Feeman uses task-centered learning, an integrated model which leverages both the efficiency of lectures for content delivery as well as the excitement and creativity of project-based learning. Watch video.
  • Peter Dourmashkin incorporates Lightboard videos in Physics 8.01 (TEAL) which allow the instructor to write on a transparent vertical surface while simultaneously maintaining visual eye contact with the audience. Watch video.
  • Emmanuel Sachs employs guided discovery principles in engineering science so that students discover physics principles and create their own knowledge scaffold which, once ingrained, can be used effectively in synthesis and design. Watch video.


The Hackathon featured the work of four student teams.



xTalks this spring:

Visit our playlist of past xTalks videos.

Please note these other MIT events of interest:
MacVicar Day Symposium
Fri. March 17, 2017, 2-4 pm, Bartos Theater (E15-070). The 25th anniversary of the program will honor the 2017 MacVicar Faculty Fellows and host a public symposium titled “Pushing Boundaries: A Legacy of Learning Through Innovation and Discovery”.

TLL’s DUET speaker series 
Thur. March 2, “Standing Up Instead of Standing By”.
Tue. April 4, “Supporting Student Belonging in Academic Disciplines".

News from Residential Education at ODL: Vol. 1, Issue 1, February, 2017.

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