The Jameel World Education Lab brings MIT ideas and know-how to collaborations with educational innovators around the world.

MIT and Community Jameel created the Jameel World Education Lab in 2017 as a connection point, portal, and lab for co-creating new ideas to change education for the better. We work with educators worldwide through a mix of ambitious projects for wide-scale transformation, innovative research efforts, and ongoing global interactions that we seed and support.

Our work helps learners successfully bridge the transition from education to the workforce, cultivates innovations to connect learners and faculty to their ecosystems in new ways, and advances the practical value of a growing body of scholarly and real-world research on learning science, instructional approaches, and educational technology.


Architecting Learning
Discover how education evolves with cutting-edge technologies, adaptive learning models, and dynamic content creation. Explore new horizons where the classroom is just the beginning.

Pathways for Talent
Uncover bold new ways to open the doors of academia more widely to talented individuals from underserved communities around the world. Become part of the journey to link tomorrow's workforce needs with today's learners.

Campus as Catalyst
Explore the transformative role of educational institutions in their communities and beyond. Learn how campuses are becoming hubs of innovation, social change, and global collaboration.


The Jameel World Education Lab works with our member organizations—universities, colleges, schools, companies, non-profit and nongovernmental organizations, and government agencies—to address challenges and opportunities that have the potential to transform education worldwide. Our work is focused in areas that we believe have the potential for transformational impact, and areas in which MIT has unique capabilities and perspectives.