Adapting as a teaching assistant: Resources to meet instructor and student needs

Headshots of Benjamin Hansberry, Tyler Smith, and Lauren Totino, speakers for MIT Open Learning Residential Education xTalk
Oct. 26, 2023, 11:30a-12:30p, @ 35-308
MIT Campus
MIT Community

Are you looking for better ways to support faculty/instructors and students? Are you noticing challenges or positive experiences so far this term, but not sure what to do next?

Join us for a presentation and discussion with three implementers of resources for Teaching Assistants (TAs) at MIT. Gain insights about ongoing supports and resources, and instructional strategies or tools that help TAs know when and what to adapt as the semester progresses onward. Come to ask questions and learn from:

  • Benjamin Hansberry, Associate Director for Graduate Student Teaching at MIT’s Teaching + Learning Lab, who designs and facilitates teaching development workshops including TA Days.
  • Tyler Smith, Instructor for TA Training and Introductory Biology, who implements a program to train and support TAs at MIT.
  • Lauren Totino, Learning Engineer at MIT Open Learning Residential Education, who runs the Canvas Resources for TAs site.

Residential Education staff will be available to share technical and pedagogical practices to support student learning. Attendees are welcome to participate in Q&A, and share their experience.