AR/VR in teaching at MIT: Possibilities and approaches

Headshot of Dr. John Liu, speaker for MIT Open Learning Residential Education xTalk
Dec. 6, 2023, 3-4p, @ 32-124
MIT Campus
MIT Community

How can AR/VR be leveraged to support student learning?

Dr. John Liu will share how AR/VR helps to address learning challenges in courses such as 2.008x Design & Manufacturing, 2.674 & 2.675/2.676 Micro/Nano Engineering Laboratory, and 2.670 Mechanical Engineering Tools. Dr. Liu is a Scientist in the Digital Learning Lab, Lecturer in Mechanical Engineering, and Principal Investigator of the MIT Learning Engineering and Practice Group.

Come to ask questions and hear from Dr. Liu! Residential Education staff will also be available to share technical and pedagogical practices to support student learning. Attendees are welcome to participate in Q&A, and share their experience.