MIT-Haiti Initiative: Opening Up Quality Education via Mother Tongue & Technology

MIT-Haiti initiative banner
September 24, 2015 3:00pm
MIT Campus
MIT Community

MIT Professors Michel DeGraff & Haynes Miller, and ODL Associate Dean Vijay Kumar, will give an overview of the MIT-Haiti Initiative, looking at its impact from both a learning and diffusion perspective. Funded by the National Science Foundation, the MIT-Haiti Initiative aims at improving STEM education through Kreyòl-based and technology-enhanced tools and methods for active learning of STEM. The ultimate goal is to make quality education available to the greatest possible number of Haitians in more (geographically and socio-economically) diverse sectors of Haitian society.

The foundational principles underlying this educational transformation are the undisputed fact that children learn best in their native language and that digital technology and open education resources enhance quality and access in education. Digital tools created at MIT and elsewhere, such as STARMathlets, PhET and others, have been translated into Kreyòl and provide proof of concept of Kreyòl as a necessary ingredient for active learning in Haiti.

The following visiting Haitian faculty who are involved in the MIT-Haiti Initiative will be participating in the panel discussion: Sonide Alcin, Paul Belony, Jean Genis Dorvilien, Étrenne Joseph-François, Jimmy Fedna, Guerda Jean-Guillaume, and Adler Thomas.

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