Pavel Luksha - Re-Engineering the Future

MIT professor
April 02, 2014 2:00pm
MIT Campus
MIT Community

We are coming into the age of lifelong, technology-intense, game- and practice-based holistic education that will be highly personalized yet largely supported by horizontal forms of network & community-based learning. The wave of educational innovations brought by ed startups will help unbundle & re-bundle educational content and educational & professional trajectories for various types of educational providers at school, university & adult education levels. The coming transformation will challenge status quo of national educational systems across the globe and will require the reorganization of a global education market architecture. This can be seen as a great threat or a great opportunity – and the session will explore some of the beneficial focuses for existing and newcoming players in the educational market. The Global Future Education Agendas is a unique research conducted by the Russian think-and-do tank Re-Engineering Futures Group (in collaboration with Skolkovo School of Management and Russian Agency for Strategic Initiatives) since 2010. It is a result of dozens of structured participatory dialogues about the future of education that involved over ten thousand experts in Russia and globally. Its results were used to reorganize institutional strategies in 20 leading Russian universities, help accelerate around 80 tech startups in education, begin the reform of Russian transportation industry education, and more. To learn more, please read the Global Education Futures Report Overview. Dr Pavel Luksha experiments with technology foresights, game design, online learning tools and a number of other formats. He sees education as the game changer, with an understanding of education not limited to schools and universities. He works with education foresights as part of start-up schools and corporate education formats. His educational projects channel the soft technology capable of kick-starting real change. Luksha is an education futures architect. He is professor at the Skolkovo School of Management, Moscow.  He has published over 40 scientific and analytical publications in international books, journals and conference proceedings on the theory of the firm, evolutionary theory, innovations, regional development, transitional economy, consumption theory, theoretical sociology, and system sciences. He is the director of Re-Engineering Futures, a do-think tank for strategic foresight literacy, start-ups change management strategies for corporations & educational institutions, policy-making initiatives, and civil society action. He also holds a valid elephant rider license.  


Future Agendas for Global Education Summary Review

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