Using MIT’s Lightboard for Enhanced Instruction

CW from top left: Jim Cain, Prof Anna Frebel, Prof Agustin Rayo, Dr Goey Gu
January 26, 2021, 4:00 - 5:15 pm
MIT Community

MIT’s self-service lightboard studio makes it easy for faculty, TAs, and students to create and share instructional videos using a transparent vertical writing surface. 

In this xTalk, a panel of three MIT instructors will share their experience using the lightboard in their teaching.

Professor Anna Frebel (Astrophysics), Professor Agustin Rayo (Philosophy), and Digital Learning Scientist Joey Gu (Chemical Engineering) will speak on their use of the lightboard to facilitate pedagogical goals and share experiences where the lightboard offers unique teaching opportunities.

To begin the session, Jim Cain will give a brief introduction to the lightboard including its components, how it works, and a demonstration of its use.

There will be a Q&A after the presentations. Faculty are invited to participate and share comments and reflections.



LIghtboard Studio

Presenter Bios

Professor Anna Frebel is professor of physics, an observational astronomer and astrophysicist. Author of over 120 articles and papers, and recipient of numerous awards, Frebel specializes in spectroscopic analyses of stars and small dwarf galaxies.

Philosophy Professor Agustin Rayo works at the intersection of philosophy of logic and philosophy of language. Rayo served as Associate Dean of SHASS and recently won the 2020 PROSE Award.   

Digital Learning Fellow Joey Gu collaborates with Chemical Engineering faculty to produce digital content for MITx MOOCs and MIT residential courses. He received his PhD in Chemical Engineering from MIT in 2019, working on models of multiphase flow in porous media.

Jim Cain is senior educational technologist with Open Learning, and designs and supports experimental learning classrooms.

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