UXD: User Experience Design in Remote Learning

Urban Studies and Planning (Course 11)
Lawrence Susskind
Digital Innovations & Tools
Remote Teaching

Teaching With Digital Technology winner Professor Lawrence Susskind put himself in the shoes of his students, imagining what they were experiencing when his course 11.255, Negotiation in the Public Sector, transitioned to remote. He employed User Experience Design (UXD) to focus on the learning goals and learning experiences of the students instead of course goals.

Although taught remotely, the class was highly interactive. Students engaged in complex role play simulations and scenarios. Exercises mimicked real world practice, and were videotaped so students could see how they presented themselves and give each other feedback.

Prof Susskinds’s overall philosophy for the course is to engage students in a way that they focus on teaching each other, and improve their personal theories of practice. Prof Suskind also continued his long-time practice of soliciting and incorporating student feedback (not course evaluations) to further modify and develop his class.

"Professor Susskind cared deeply about the pedagogy of his classes and was alway looking for innovative ways to help his students learn."    - student in 11.255


Learn more about Prof Susskind’s work in this video.
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