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Upcoming Events


October 18
Steve Nelson | MIT Open Learning
At a recent on-campus symposium titled “VR, Sound and Cinema: Implications for Storytelling and Learning,” MIT Open Learning explored the future of storytelling and learning through virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR). The event featured a panel of faculty...
October 11
Andrea LePaine | MIT Professional Education
October 10
Carolyn Blais | School of Engineering

On the ODL Blog

October 15
Zoya Fan, MIT '19
Keith Baker, MGH, MD PhD, chemist and neuroscientist - this guy has experienced all kinds of education systems, teaches medical students in his daily life, and his professional experience extends to varied fields. “I train doctors”, he simply states. And...
With 169 attendees in 2017-2018, the TSL’s playtests bring to life the lab’s mission of making teacher education as innovative and engaging as student learning
October 4
Duyen Nguyen | MIT Open Learning
Ryan Baker
October 4
Zoya Fan, MIT '19