Experience the MIT motto “Mens et Manus” in upcoming MOOCs

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May 24
Lisa Eichel

Coming up on MITx on edX are a few courses that truly embody the MIT tradition of “mens et manus” or “mind and hand.”  At MIT this means blurring the boundaries of the theoretical and the practical - knowing not only the concept behind something, but also how to apply it and create value to the world. With MITx, we hope to share the essence of our motto with the world.

Take, for instance, a new MOOC, Computation Structures 3: Computer Architecture, which starts on May 24.  In this course you’ll learn about digital systems and get to virtually simulate the process of making a processor into a full computer system.

In our series on Materials and Devices, you’ll get a chance to explore the relationships between the performance of devices and the characteristics of the materials from which they are constructed.  Through 3 courses offered this summer, you’ll study electronic, magnetic, and optical materials and how they work in some of the most cutting edge technologies.

Finally, if mechanical engineering is your area of interest, Elements of Structures is back on June 22.  You’ll learn all about the fundamental principles of load-bearing elements like beams and bars.  Plus, you’ll get a hands on introduction to MATLAB, integrated right into the course content, one of the most common computing environments for science and engineering.

Jump in and exercise both your mind and your hands! These courses and more are open for enrollment now at https://www.edx.org/school/mitx